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Digitalize your memories 

Warning: The average life of the video or audio tape is 10 years!!!
DVDs :  Preserve your old Family treasures (VHS tapes) into the new, modern technology of Digital Video, DVD discs for your future generations.

Photo VCDs* : video cd can be created for a great number of purposes and a well produced vcd makes an incredibly unique and personalized gift (for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, you name it!) that is certain to deeply move its recipient. We've made vcd’s of anniversary parties, weddings, birthday celebrations and for very unique Christmas Cards.

 Gather your photos and get them converted into a video cd with us, at a very reasonable rate and enjoy watching them on your DVD/TV with the music in the background.  This video clip may be an excellent gift for your loved-ones. 

Approximately 23 photos per minute, example: 80 photos would fit well with a 3.5 minute song of your choice.

               Pricing: VHS to DVD $15.00 per tape.

          VCD (spring special): Only $20.00 for 1st     

          VCD & $5.00 for each duplicate. (price based on a 3.5 minute song 

           & 80 photos)

          A generic sample VCD is available for $5.00

Call, write or email for additional pricing:

Ken :  P.O. Box 396, French Village, MO 63036    (573)-358-5324

            * VCDs play on 90% of all home DVD players. They will not play on Playstation II or X-Box